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Septic Tank Repairs

With over 20 years of septic tank emptying, we have come across numerous instances where remedial work or even full replacements are required. At Clear-flow we are able to offer a variety of tank repairs depending on the problem.

An obvious sign that your tank may not be working as it should, can be that it fills quicker than usual and requires more frequent empties.

Clear-flow can talk you through a process starting with as minimal cost and disruption as possible such as tank and soak-away cleaning or possibly a survey to investigate. At the other end of the scale, should the septic tank and/or soak-away need replacing, we can cover that too.

At Clear-flow we can replace, upsize or install tanks from new. From a standard septic tank and drainage field, to a sewage treatment plant with water course discharge, we can help. If a full replacement is the only answer, we can gather all necessary information and produce a report for your home insurer.

Please call our knowledgeable staff on to discuss our dig and no-dig repair techniques on 01209 821000