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Clear Flow Commercial High Pressure Water Jetting Services in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset

Stop Press: We’ve Made the Cover with our third KAISERWhale

As our fleet grows yet again, we are delighted to have been featured in May’s Drain Trader magazine along with our vehicle suppliers, Whale Tankers. Read the full feature here. Clear-flow were one of the first to employ the innovative KAISERWhale’s sewer cleaning Jet-Vac to better serve our South West customers. Now, nearly 30 years … Continued

Why CCTV isn’t just to keep burglars away!

When you hear the acronym CCTV, what does you mind flash to? In all likelihood, the first thing you’ll think of is security camera planted high on the side of a building, acting as a warning to keep away criminals and protect businesses and homes. Yet CCTV has many other applications too, namely in drainage! … Continued

Drain unblocking — Did you take part in Unblocktober?

We’re all aware of the world’s environmental problems, with regular updates on the news about how mankind is damaging the globe, with how we live our lives. Two environmental issues that have grabbed plenty of headlines are plastic waste and non-biodegradable goods going into our oceans and water courses. This year in October, a campaign … Continued