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CCTV Drainage Survey — Carry out autumn drainage checks ahead of winter

For many of us, summer seems like the obvious time for home improvements. The weather is so nice outside that you can get painting, repairing those rickety fences and focusing on the garden. Once autumn hits, many people retreat indoors and decide they’ve done all they can do for that year to keep their home in top condition.

Yet this time can be used to prepare your home for the harsh winter months ahead and do a series of last checks so you’re not left with problems that might be tougher to solve if something goes wrong. Read our list of suggested drain checks you can make to ensure your household’s water is running as it should throughout the coldest time of the year.

Keep your pipes well insulated

Should water freeze in your pipes, it will create blockages, causing an unwelcome water back up, and possible burst pipes. You’ll want your water pipes to be properly insulated to avoid this issue.

Clear the drains, gutters and gullies around your home

Now we’re well into autumn, the leaves are falling from the trees. While it’s a beautiful sight to see a carpet of leaves on the ground, those very same leaves can block up your drainpipes and gutters if left untended. Have a look and see whether leaves have blocked up your drains.

Scoop out what you can, but if there are any blockages that you can’t clear yourself Clear-flow can help clear those blockages for you, with our specialist clearing and jetting equipment.

Prevention is better than cure

Leaves will continue to be a problem throughout autumn into winter, so consider installing drain covers, a leaf diverter and drainpipe guards to catch the leaves at source and check them once a week, in case they need clearing.

Even without a drain guard it’s worth doing a weekly check of your drainpipes and outdoor drains for leaves and debris like branches, dirt and mud. It might be worth keeping the trusty garden broom or rake on standby if more leaves fall on the street outside your home or in your back garden, so they can be swept into a garden waste bag as opposed to your drains.

Consider a CCTV Drainage Survey if there’s more drainage problems

It might be that you’ve done these checks and you’ve found some drainage issues that you don’t know the root cause of. Clear-flow’s CCTV drain surveyinvolves no digging up, but rather a member of our team pushing a specialist camera with a long cable, down your drain and recording high quality footage. This can then be used to generate a survey and find the exact cause of any problems and figure out the perfect solution to resolve them safely, quickly, and professionally.

Clear-flow are experts in unblocking drains and making sure that your pipes are flowing ahead of the cold winter season. If your autumn checks reveal a blocked or slow-flowing drain and need a CCTV drainage survey, give Clear-flow a call on 0800 317 082.

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