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CCTV Drainage Survey — How does it work?

If you’re having issues with your drains, be it slow flowing water, a horrible smell or even something as bad as water no longer flowing away at all, it’s not always immediately obvious where your drainage problems lie. It could be a straightforward blockage that is simple enough to clear, but you might have an issue deep within your pipework that can’t be located through a visual inspection alone. So what do you do? Consider having a CCTV drain survey.

CCTV can reveal those hidden problems

A CCTV drain survey offers the ability to go much deeper into your external pipework to investigate problems you might be having. A small high-quality camera is mounted on the end of a long, thin cable. The cable is fed down into the pipes and the camera sends images back up the cable to a monitor, which allows our drainage specialists to locate and identify any blockage or problem. This allows them to devise an action plan to solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Is it better than traditional methods?

A CCTV drain survey does have one main advantage over other methods of identifying drain problems; it’s minimally intrusive, only requiring a thin cable to be wound down the drain. It avoids the need for expensive and disruptive digging unless it is absolutely necessary and can also save a lot of time too. Finally, the exact location of any issue can be accurately identified.

Such a survey will quickly give one of our CCTV operatives a very good idea of how difficult the blockage will be to remove and the best path to take that causes minimal disruption and cost to the client.

Equally, CCTV drain surveys record everything they see, so that gives operators the option to take the footage away with them, study it more closely and spot if there are numerous issues that need to be tackled. If your problems are more complicated than a straightforward blockage, such as a tree root damaging a pipe or a collapsed drain, a CCTV drain survey will help to pick up and accurately locate these more unusual issues.

Upon taking the footage away for study, our CCTV operatives are qualified to identify faults and give you a full written report which will offer guidance on how to move forward and rectify your drainage problems.

Would I need a CCTV survey at any other time?

You don’t have to wait to spot a problem to have a survey done. If you’re moving house and buying a new home, it can be a wise decision to get the drains surveyed pre-purchase. Our surveys are suitable for homebuyer reports and we are well known by many estate agents and surveyors in the South West. Our reports can also be accompanied with a high-quality memory stick to show our findings.

Clear-flow are experts in identifying the cause behind your drainage problems. If you have a blocked drain and need a CCTV drain survey, are considering a drainage survey for a house purchase or need some advice on your drainage, call us on 0800 317 082.