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CCTV Drainage Survey — The benefits of having one

CCTV drain surveys are great for discovering and diagnosing problems in your drainage system. Whatever the drainage problem is, be it something truly disruptive like water failing to go down the sink or a slightly slower flow than normal, it’s something you’ll want to get sorted as soon as possible. If that’s the case, we recommend CCTV drain surveys to get to the root of the problem, as they have some great benefits offered only by modern tech.

These surveys involve feeding a cable with a camera down through your drains and into the pipes, sending images back to a monitor so you can see inside your pipework in real-time. Having such a survey can have a whole range of benefits and side effects that you might not have considered — here’s our list of the benefits

Discover your problems quickly

When something goes wrong with your drains, it’s only then that you appreciate how important a functional drain is! When things go wrong, you’ll want the problems resolved and fixed as quickly as possible. A CCTV survey will speed up the process as it avoids expensive and inconvenient digging and dismantling pipework. All it requires is feeding a camera on a long cable into your drainpipes and the pictures to the monitor are immediate and in real time.

Get an accurate diagnosis

Speedy analysis leads on to an accurate diagnosis, because the engineer can see exactly what the problem is immediately. It allows our CCTV operatives to devise an effective solution for the problem, rather than making blind assumptions on limited evidence. For example, a CCTV survey will be able to tell you whether a blockage is being caused by a build-up of fat in the pipes, tree roots or something else, and allow our team to offer advice on what your next steps are. The exact location of any issue is also accurately established.

Keep down the costs

Calling out plumbers or drainage experts can be a costly process, particularly if you have to repeatedly call them out because you haven’t been able to ascertain the exact cause or location of your drainage problems. Due to its precision and accuracy, a CCTV survey is better value for money as it simply takes less time to find the problems.

Minimise the disruption to your life

The alternative to using a CCTV survey to discover problems is a large excavation, which requires a huge amount of disruptive digging that can block access, makes noise, mess and creates a disturbance to normality. The camera does all the work in locating the problem with a CCTV survey, so once the problem has been identified, work is only carried out on that part of the drain, minimising disruption.

It’s a wise step for those moving house

With the stamp duty holiday and change in personal priorities, it’s currently a very popular time to be moving house. When you’re making such a big life step, you’ll want to do whatever you can to protect your investment and save yourself any future headaches that could cost you lots of money further down the line. A CCTV survey can be used to carry out an assessment of the drains of a property pre-purchase and plot the locations and condition of drains. Our surveys are suitable for homebuyer reports. We also have a history of working with many estate agents and surveyors in the South West.

Clear-flow have been carrying out CCTV drainage surveys for customers across the South West for years and are experts in drain surveys and identifying your drainage problems. If you’re having problems and think a CCTV drainage survey is the answer, give our team a call on 0800 317 082.