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Why CCTV isn’t just to keep burglars away!

When you hear the acronym CCTV, what does you mind flash to? In all likelihood, the first thing you’ll think of is security camera planted high on the side of a building, acting as a warning to keep away criminals and protect businesses and homes. Yet CCTV has many other applications too, namely in drainage! But how?

CCTV can reveal those damaging drainage problems

CCTV drain surveys have become one of the best ways for drainage experts to assess drainage issues and get to the root cause of why water might not be draining away exactly as it should.

A CCTV camera, rather than being mounted on a wall in plain sight, is mounted on the end of a cable that can be fed down into pipework where you’re suffering from drainage problems. The camera sends images back up the cable to a monitor, which allows Clear-flow’s drainage experts to locate and identify any blockage or problem that you might be having.

Once a problem is found and identified, our team can then put together an action plan to solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How this modern approach helps

This type of survey has one huge plus that is making it increasingly popular – it isn’t intrusive or disruptive in any way. In days gone by, the only way to find such problems would be to dig up pipes, potentially at great expense and disruption. A survey like this can completely remove the need for digging unless it is absolutely necessary, also saving a great deal of time and providing a high degree of accuracy.

That accuracy will allow our staff to give you a good idea of what work needs to be done and what your best options are in terms of causing you minimal disruption and cost. The surveys also record everything they see, so the footage can be studied more closely later, in case of numerous issues that need to be tackled. We can provide a full written report, which will offer advice on how to move forward and correct drainage issues.

Spot problems before they arise

You don’t need to wait to spot a problem to have a survey done. You can have one if you want some peace of mind over your drainage, but they’re also great for if you’re moving to a new house and want to check the drains before you purchase the property.

Our CCTV surveys are suitable for homebuyer reports and are much more in-dept than the standard drainage checks in a normal RICS survey.

Clear-flow are experts in identifying what is causing problems with your drainage. If you have a blocked drain and need a CCTV drain survey, or are considering having one done for other reasons, call us on 0800 317 082.