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Clear Flow Drainage Repair Specialists in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset

No-Dig Pipe Lining & Repair

Clear-flow offer a variety of drainage repair and replacement techniques across Cornwall and Devon. Using excavation and No-Dig techniques, our highly skilled, experienced and qualified engineers can handle any of our customer’s drainage repair issues.

  • Liners and patches We regularly install liners and patches on a large scale for water authorities and their partners on main line sewers and networks. Liners and patches vary in size from 100mm – 900mm in diameter.
  • Repair solutions Repair solutions are scoped following a CCTV survey to confirm pipe diameters, lengths, depths and defects.
  • Intrusions and obstacles All obstacles within the pipeline need to be removed before lining and patching. This can be done using one of our fleet of jetting vehicles, or using one of or various robotic cutting units.
  • Manhole rehabilitation Clear-flow can also undertake manhole rehabilitation. This can be complete replacements, rendering/benching and resin injecting to stop water ingress. Our fully trained and qualified CCTV teams are ready to cope with any Pipeline inspections you need.

Our ISO accreditations insure that all of processes we follow are to the highest standards.

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