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Deep Lift Tankering

Case study – Lusty Glaze


Not all vessels or tanks are conveniently situated when it comes to cleaning or emptying. Some of our locations are difficult to access and require a more imaginative approach. Our case study is focusing on Lusty Glaze which is one of Newquay’s four beaches situated in a North-West facing cove. As well as a restaurant and accommodation, Lusty Glaze hosts outdoor events all year round. This is a popular privately owned resort and the challenging aspect of this case study is that the only access to this beach is down 133 steps, or across Tolcarne beach at low tide.


On average, the tank needs to be emptied 3-4 times a year particularly during the summer season and the biggest challenge for our engineers was how to empty the tank which is located under the ground at beach level. When we were first presented with this task, and having established that we have the equipment and staff capable of this extreme challenge, the process was to lower 70 metres of pipe from the lorry at the top of the cliff down to the beach.

In terms of health and safety, the sheer weight of the hose was the main concern, particularly when the hose was being lowered to the ground over the side of a cliff. This process was time consuming and demanded a 5 person team to operate from the cliff to the ground. The alternative option was to fix a permanent pipe in place, which significantly reduced the set up time and alleviated the number of operatives needed, which in turn reduced the cost to the customer.


By way of a solution Clear-flow utilizes specialist pumps with Liquid Ring technology thereby meaning that liquids can be pumped over long distance or significant depths in a quick, efficient and cost effective way. Clear-flow were the first company to offer this type of Deep Lift Technology in the South West and are still one of few companies that provide this service in South West England.

Over subsequent visits we have continually improved our method and now this task is performed efficiently by 3 engineers and takes an average of 3 hours to complete. The tanker removes 1500 gallons from the tank which is situated 44 metres below. This removal can be at the client’s discretion rather than being dependent on tides and good weather conditions.
The process outlined is considered to be the best method given the circumstances. It is faster, more environmentally friendly, and less complicated than other waste disposal options. Our customers are keen to adhere to current rules and regulations concerning waste carrying and disposal, so deep lift removal was the obvious method of extraction in this instance.

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