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Tank Installation


Unfortunately, septic tanks and soak aways fail from time to time. The structure of either chamber may deteriorate with age, or the soak away may become less effective in discharging the water to the ground. This was the case in an old mill which was built in 1860 and converted to residential use in 1979.  The soak away frequently overflowed, therefore requiring more regular empties, resulting in additional cost. To compound the problem, the property also had a noisy pump station to get the effluent to the septic tank which was located higher than the house. This meant that whenever there was a power cut, or the pump blocked up, there was a risk of sewage flooding the house.

Clear-flow were approached by the customer for the expertise and advice they are so well know for. As the original tank was installed 35 years ago, and the soak away was beyond repair, the only solution was to renew the existing tank.

A Clear-flow project manager was assigned to work with the customer to discuss the various options available. The customer wanted an environmentally friendly solution, and an option to remove the need of a pump chamber, taking the noise away from the house.  Easier access for maintenance to clean and service the septic tank, rather than having to access the garden, was also taken into consideration.

Clear-flow presented a plan to remove the septic tank from the garden, reroute the drainage, and install a new bio treatment tank under the front drive. The drive would be covered with gravel, so remained functional and servicing would be unobtrusive as our engineers would be able to access the tank and de sludge without the customer ever needing to be at home.

As with all installations and drainage issues, Clear-flow consulted with The Environmental Agency and Building Control to ensure that all environmental permits and controls were in place. The Environmental Agency visited site and agreement was given that due to the quality of the treated waste a bio unit would produce they would therefore permit discharge flow to the water course. This removed the need for any form of soak away.


The customer was delighted with the outcome

Customer quotes…

“We chose Clear-flow to install our new sewage treatment plant based on their reputation for high quality work. The design solution provides a long term and sustainable benefit to our property and also our local environment. The installation was completed extremely well. Any problems were overcome and the quality of the work was very high.”