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CCTV Drainage Survey – How Clear-flow could help save your housing association some headaches

We’re into October which means the cold winter months are approaching; the nights are drawing in, it’s getting cold outside and people are going to be putting on an extra layer, flicking on the heating and spending more and more time at home. When people are spending that time at home, people will want the simple things to be working — their heating system, the lights and even their plumbing — and anything that can be done to avoid drain blockages,, the better.

It’s a worry for housing associations in the UK; winter tends to be the time that things go wrong around the home. For a plumbing system, the change in temperature, autumn leaves falling off the trees and increased use can all have a detrimental effect on a plumbing system and how effectively it’s working. If your housing association is responsible for a wide range of properties across a district or county, you’ll want to stay ahead of the curve and deal with problems as quickly as possible.

A wide property portfolio like that of a housing association means that drainage problems and blockages are almost inevitable. Clear-flow can help you deal with problems when they arise and offer advice on how to prevent such problems happening again.

Figure out exactly what the problem is

If your residents don’t know what is causing a blockage or problem with their plumbing, you’ll need to get to the bottom of the situation before repair work can begin. Our CCTV drainage survey will quickly identify the issue — a small camera is mounted onto the end of a long cable and pushed into the pipes so our operatives can locate and identify any problems without expensive or disruptive digging.

A simple unblocking job

It may be that the pipes have a relatively straightforward blockage to clear. If that is the case, Clear-flow has the equipment and knowledge to deal with these issues. Our vehicles are readily available across the entire South West, so if it’s an emergency we can get to your residents quickly.

Tackle pipework problems without invasive digging

Clear-flow realises that digging up pipework is impractical, expensive and a real hassle to residents. We do our best to avoid such nuisances by using no-dig techniques where possible, be it by feeding drain lining into pipes or undertaking patch repairs. On the occasions where these techniques are just not possible and digging must be done, Clear-flow can undertake any job big or small, from fixing a small pipe to installing a whole new system of pipes.

Here at Clear-flow, we have more than 30 years of experience in carrying out emergency drain repairs, unblocking pipes, that are causing sudden, unexpected problems at home and fitting septic tanks. If you find that an important drain is suddenly blocked at a property, you’re responsible for, call us on 0800 317 082 to arrange an emergency drain unblocking from one of our expert team.