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Drain Unblocking — Keep the drains flowing in your holiday park

If you’re running a holiday park, you have so much to think about every day; you need to keep the grounds maintained, clean the communal toilets and deal with everything that comes with changeover. The main aim for all of that is to keep your guests happy and coming back year on year — but all that means it can be easy to overlook things that you hope would look after themselves.

From the shower in their bathroom to the main plumbing outside each holiday property that you’re running, you’ll want to keep everything flowing. A blockage or bad smell in a kitchen sink or from a septic tank can be enough to lead to a bad TripAdvisor review or ruin a guest’s stay with you. Luckily, Clear-flow have a range of options that can help you avoid these problems.

Get those drains unblocked as quickly as possible

If a drain gets blocked and a guest reports it to you, you’ll want to do whatever you can to get the problem sorted as quickly as possible. Clear-flow’s specialist vehicles are situated throughout the region, so we can offer a prompt and reactive value for money service, which can be relied on 24/7.

Figure out what’s causing an ongoing problem

Have you had several guests report a problem with your drainage, but you can’t quite figure out what’s causing it? You can get to the root cause of the issue with a CCTV drain survey. During the survey, experts will feed a camera through your pipework so they can see what is causing your drainage problems and make recommendations on what you need to do to rectify them.

Avoid disruption during repairs where possible

If you find from a survey that your pipework needs repairs, our no-dig lining and repair options will avoid disruptive and loud digging work, leaving your guests in peace as much as possible. We have an extensive series of options that could avoid creating havoc on your holiday park. We can also be flexible and fit in with you and your guests on what days and hours we work on site.

Get your septic tank emptied — and repaired if needed

Our modern vacuum tankers can carry away liquid waste from septic tanks and similar receptacles, so if your guests are reporting a smell coming from your septic tanks, we can come and empty them for you. We also have the ability to clean, investigate and repair tanks that are showing problems.

Clear gullies and ACO drains

If you have a channel drainage system like an ACO drain or a gully, they can become blocked over time, so we can clean, empty and service these again at a time to suit you and your guests. We can even draw up and agree a regular maintenance plan and use our systems to remind you that the cleaning and servicing is due again.

If you’re running a holiday park or holiday cottage and are having some drainage issues that you’d like to sort before it becomes a real problem for your guests, call us on 0800 317 082.

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