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Drain unblocking — Keep your school’s drainage system flowing

With schools now fully open for the first time in months, there will be so much for schools to think about and new conditions to consider. Social distancing and complying to Covid-19 regulations will be top of that list, with efforts to keep students and staff safe, the top concern for every school in these strange and unprecedented times.

Yet if you’re running a big site like a school, there will always be an awful lot to consider. As we approach the winter months and rainfall gets heavier and the chances of standing, pooled water freezing increases, schools will need to consider whether their drainage system needs maintenance or repairs to be carried out before things become a real problem.

Autumn leaves just one seasonal drainage problem

It’s likely that your school will have trees somewhere on site and as the weather changes and gets colder, leaves will fall to the ground. It might be asking too much to rake every leaf that falls off of every tree, but simple measures like drain covers for outdoor drains and having staff regularly check drains and drainpipes for potential blockages can help alleviate the problem. But what if your problem isn’t visible?

Consider a CCTV drainage survey

A CCTV drainage survey offers the ability to go much deeper into your pipework to investigate problems you might be having, without disruptive digging that could cause real problems on your school site.

During the survey, a small high-quality camera is mounted on the end of a long cable. The cable is fed down into the pipes and the camera sends images back up the cable to a monitor, which allows our drainage specialists to locate and identify any blockage or problems, allowing them to devise an action plan to solve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to your day to day school life.

Other drainage options open to you

Once you’ve identified any drainage problems, the next step is fixing them. From dealing with straightforward blockages to using our pioneering excavation and no-dig techniques for pipe repair, Clear-flow can tackle the drainage problems at your school with the minimum fuss and disruption to your working week. These include patch repairs, drain lining and much more.

Clear-flow are experts in identifying the cause behind your drainage problems and unblocking drains. If you have a blocked drain and need a CCTV drainage survey, are considering a drainage survey to avoid problems at your school site or need some advice on your drainage, call us on 0800 317 082.

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