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Drain unblocking — Stop committing these drainage sins!

We’re all guilty of cutting corners and doing things we shouldn’t around the house to save time; sometimes you might throw a recyclable item in with your black bag rubbish, leave the hoovering for a bit longer than you should or not change those bed sheets for a few extra days.

When it comes to your drains though, cutting such corners can end up having disastrous results. You might save a few seconds at the time, but as the problems accumulate, you’ll find yourself with a much bigger problem that needs drains unblocking that costs you time and money, all while causing you stress and major headaches.

At one point or another, many of us are guilty of committing the following drainage sins — here’s our advice on things to spotting these pitfalls and how to avoid doing them to keep your home drainage system in tip-top condition.

Flushing wet wipes

A study has suggested that as much as 93% of domestic drain blockages across the UK are caused by people flushing wet wipes down the toilet! They simply don’t disintegrate in water in the same way as ordinary toilet paper, so they can cause blockages both in your own pipes work and further down the line. They can also combine with other substances like fat to create even bigger problems further down the line.

The simple piece of advice is just to avoid ever flushing wet wipes – even if the packet says that your wipes are flushable, as often they aren’t.

Pouring fat and unwanted food down the drain

When you’re doing the dishes, it can be so easy to just wash everything off your plates and pans down the sink and flush it away with hot water. This is a sin of accumulation — each time you do this, an amount of fat or oil will accumulate on the edge of your pipes and solidify. Eventually it could reach a point where it blocks the pipes and you’ll likely need a professional to come and clear the problem.

If you’re forcing food waste down the pipes, then it can get stuck and cause blockages too.

Much like the wet wipes, the obvious solution is to avoid putting fat or food down the plughole at all. Pour fat into an unwanted container and throw it away.

Ignoring small problems

If you notice that you have a sink that’s flowing slightly slower than normal or your toilet level has changed, it might be tempting to just not address the issue and hope it goes away. In all likelihood, it won’t just sort itself out though! If you are seeing signs like this, it might mean that any problems in your pipes are not yet too severe and have an easier fix that won’t cost you too much money or stress.

Our advice here is to not ignore these problems and either try and sort the problem yourself or call in a professional to sort the issue.

Clear-flow can help

If you’ve already committed some of these drainage sins and now find yourself with problems at home, Clear-flow can help. From simple drain unblocking to solve the problem, a CCTV drainage survey to figure out exactly what’s gone wrong or whether you need some more serious drainage work done, we can help.

Clear-flow are experts in unblocking drains, regardless of what has caused the blockage. If you have a blocked drain and need a CCTV drainage survey to find out what’s gone wrong or just want it cleared, call us on 0800 317 082.