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Drainage Repair — Your Options

Having a problem with your drains can be a huge stress — the hassle of not being able to use your sinks or shower, having to deal with bad smells or just having pooling water in your shower can all be a major headache. But if things go wrong, what should you do?

If the issue seems relatively small, like a kitchen sink flowing slowly, it might be an issue you’ll try and tackle yourself, though more often than not, you may need some professional assistance to overcome the problem. If you don’t know what’s causing your drainage problems, you may need more in-depth drainage investigation/repair work carried out.

With that in mind, here’s our advice on your drainage repair drainage repair options.

Identify the exact problem with a CCTV drainage survey

Before you start any repair work in earnest, you’ll need to know exactly what the problem is with your drainage. Our CCTV drainage survey will quickly get to the bottom of the problem; a small camera is mounted onto the end of a long cable and pushed into your pipes so our operatives can locate and identify any problems without expensive or disruptive digging.

Once the source of the problem is found, they’ll devise an action plan to solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A simple unblocking job

If your drain has a straightforward blockage, our team has the equipment and knowledge to deal with these issues. Our vehicles are readily available across the entire South West, so if it’s an emergency we can get there quickly.

What if I suspect I have more major pipework problems?

Using excavation and no-dig techniques, our highly skilled engineers can handle any of our customers’ drainage repair issues — it’s what marks us out from our competitors. It might be you need a small patch repair to stop root ingress or a complete replacement of a drainage system, but however severe the problem, we can help.

Drain lining

This technique is used to ‘sleeve’ the inside of a defective pipe. A felt liner is impregnated with a polyester resin and then pulled or blown into an existing drain. Our engineers can line around bends, through pipe diameter changes and even re-open lateral pipes that may be joining on at a junction along the drain. An advantage to this method of repair is that expensive and intrusive excavation work is avoided.

Patch repairs

These sorts of repairs are very similar to a liner, but best suited for spot repairs under a metre long. Following a CCTV inspection, a patch can be installed on a defective section of pipe such as a crack or point where roots are coming into the drain that will prevent further growth. As with lining unwanted excavation work is avoided with installing a patch.

Excavation work

There are occasions where these less invasive techniques are just not possible and digging must be done; we can undertake anything from a small pipe or gulley repair to installing an entirely new drainage system.

Fixing septic tanks

If you have a septic tank at home that is causing you problems, we are highly experienced at investigating and solving drainage issues related to septic tanks too. We can help find the cause of the issue and fix it in a swift and efficient manner.

Whatever the problem, we can help

Here at Clear-flow, we have more than 30 years of experience in carrying out emergency drain repairs, unblocking pipes that are causing you sudden, unexpected problems at home. If you find that an important drain at home is blocked, call us on 0800 317 082 to arrange an emergency drain unblocking from one of our expert team.