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Emergency Drain Unblocking

We’ve all been there at some point or another; it’s been a normal day that is certainly turned upside down when you have a plumbing disaster! Among the most common plumbing problems around the home is a blocked drain, be it in your kitchen, bathroom or somewhere outside the house.

Covid-19 — Working hard to keep our customers safe from coronavirus

For us here at Clear-flow, the health and safety of our employees, customers, the communities in which we operate have always been our utmost priority. During these unprecedented and difficult times, we’ve taken a huge number of steps to make sure that we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.

Drainage Repair — Your Options

Having a problem with your drains can be a huge stress — the hassle of not being able to use your sinks or shower, having to deal with bad smells or just having pooling water in your shower can all be a major headache. But if things go wrong, what should you do?

Drain unblocking – common causes of drain blockages

Are you getting tired of slow draining water, or bad smells coming from your plughole? There’s a good chance you’ve got a blockage somewhere. There are different types of drain blockages; some very serious, others less serious and more of a nuisance. Left unchecked though and any blockage can become a serious problem.