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Clear Flow Drainage Services for New Housing Developments in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset

Get that new drainage system signed off

There are so many things for house builders to consider during the construction of a house, with drainage being a key area of focus for both big property developers and family run building firms working on a smaller project.

Construction companies must make sure that sewers built on new housing estates are fit to meet requirements of a Section 104 Agreement. Section 104 of the Water Industry Act 1991 defines an agreement between developers and local water companies for new or modified sewers to be adopted within the main sewerage system.

It details the process developers must go through to ensure the design, quality and condition of new pipes are of a sufficient standard for water companies to agree to ‘adopt’ them into the main sewerage system.

Sewer pipes are among the first structures to be built on new housing estates, so they must be among the last to be checked, when all main construction activity is completed.

Before a local water authority will adopt a drain, it needs to be fully surveyed and signed off. Our surveys and jetting services can help get that drain ready to be signed off so there’s one less thing to think about.

CCTV Drainage Surveys

During these surveys, a small high-quality camera is mounted on the end of a long, thin cable and fed down into the pipes of a property. The camera sends images back up the cable to a monitor, which allows Clear-flow’s drainage specialists to locate and identify problems.

They can be used to give you a full assessment of the drains of an estate and are suitable for signing off drains. Clear-flow also have a history of working with many property developers and surveyors in the South West.

Jetting services

At Clear-Flow we can deal with all manner of sewer cleaning and jetting requirements including shifting rubble, de-scaling, the removal of fat and other surface contaminants. Our trained staff have years of experience and combined with the latest high-performance jetting heads, we believe our capability in water jetting is unrivalled in the region.

Our high-pressure jets and recycling jet vacs can ensure that your drains are handed over to the authority in the best order.

Clear-flow are experts in identifying the cause behind drainage problems and unblocking drains. If you are building new properties and need an assessment on your drains before they can be handed over as part of a Section 104 Agreement, call us on 0800 317 082.