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Drain unblocking — Stop committing these drainage sins!

We’re all guilty of cutting corners and doing things we shouldn’t around the house to save time; sometimes you might throw a recyclable item in with your black bag rubbish, leave the hoovering for a bit longer than you should or not change those bed sheets for a few extra days. When it comes to … Continued

CCTV Drainage Survey — How does it work?

If you’re having issues with your drains, be it slow flowing water, a horrible smell or even something as bad as water no longer flowing away at all, it’s not always immediately obvious where your drainage problems lie. It could be a straightforward blockage that is simple enough to clear, but you might have an issue deep within your pipework that can’t be located through a visual inspection alone. So what do you do? Consider having a CCTV drain survey.

CCTV Drainage Survey — The benefits of having one

CCTV drainage surveys are great for discovering and diagnosing problems in your drainage system. Whatever the drainage problem is, be it something truly disruptive like water failing to go down the sink or a slightly slower flow than normal, it’s something you’ll want to get sorted as soon as possible.

Emergency Drain Unblocking

We’ve all been there at some point or another; it’s been a normal day that is certainly turned upside down when you have a plumbing disaster! Among the most common plumbing problems around the home is a blocked drain, be it in your kitchen, bathroom or somewhere outside the house.

Covid-19 — Working hard to keep our customers safe from coronavirus

For us here at Clear-flow, the health and safety of our employees, customers, the communities in which we operate have always been our utmost priority. During these unprecedented and difficult times, we’ve taken a huge number of steps to make sure that we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.