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High Pressure Water Jetting

At Clear-flow we take on commercial activities large and small, from small jetting vans bespoke built for the job to larger Vactor style units. We can handle all manner of sewer cleaning and jetting requirements including de-scaling, the removal of fat and other surface contaminants.

Our fully trained staff have years of experience and combined with the latest high performance jetting heads, we believe our capability in water jetting is unrivalled in the region.

Our Process

1. Identify

Contact us as soon as you identify a blocked drain, flooding or any draining problems.

2. Call

Call for a no obligation quote and book one of our local engineers to visit you 24/7, 365.

3. Visit

One of our engineers will arrive and assess the problem to help find a solution to the issue

4. Fix

We’ll carry out the required work and get you back up and running as quickly as we can.

We are one of the few companies to use the highly specialised KAISERWhale unit, a sewer cleaning solution with continuous dirty water recycling, now acknowledged to be a leader in water recycling equipment in the UK.  The water is reused during jetting operations minimising time wasted taking on precious clean water supplies.

  • Descaling of pipework
  • Cleaning of tanks
  • Removal of surface and fat contaminants
  • Unblocking drains and pipework

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