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Pitch Fibre Pipes

What are pitch fibre pipes?

Pitch Fibre pipes were a cheaper, lightweight and easier to handle material made of wood cellulose impregnated with inert coal tar pitch. They were manufactured in 8ft lengths with push fit joints.

What is the problem?

Over 50,000 houses every year experience blockages and overflow problems linked to pitch fibre pipes. Pipes can blister when in repeated contact with hot water, fats and oils which soften the tar ingredient of the pipe making them susceptible to deformation and collapse. It is estimated that if fitted correctly and without adverse ground conditions a pipe may last approximately 40 years which means that most will have reached or exceeded their average life expectancy. If you believe you may be affected call one of our team to arrange a survey.

Who is affected?

If your property has a drainage system where pipes were laid in the 1950’s through to the 1970’s you could be affected as your pipes are most likely to be made of pitch fibre.

How can Clear-Flow help?

  • CCTV Drainage Surveys using the latest generation of Minicam inspection systems
  • Homebuyer survey reports, provide full colour DVD video footage
  • Locate and repair drainage problems
  • Pipe reforming & lining

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