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Blocked drains are usually noticeable by the fact that the toilet will no longer flush away your waste, a manhole cover outside is overflowing, the smell that a blockage emits, or you can hear a gurgling sound.


Our first recommendation would be to check if the blockage is in a shared section of pipework, or outside your property boundary. If it is shared, or outside your property boundary, then this is the responsibility of the local water authority. See our section on transferred sewers.

If the blockage only affects your property, you are responsible for unblocking the drain.

Terms and conditions apply.

Yes. Cesspools and septic tanks are the responsibility of the homeowner. If you rent your home, it may be the landlord or the tenant who is responsible.

Clear-flow have vehicles large and small with prices starting from £130 for 1000 gallons.


Yes. Clear-flow have vehicles large and small suitable for all access requirements, ranging from small vans to 4000 gallon tankers.


Most domestic blockages are cleared within 30 minutes. However, there can be underlying issues such as a collapse, or root infiltration which can take longer to resolve.

Our blockage clearance vehicles are equipped with CCTV drainage survey equipment, which will enable us to locate any fault that we find with your drain.


Prices start at £75.00 + VAT for domestic blockages (T&C’s apply). Yes it is safe, our fully trained engineers operate to the highest safety standards. We carry out a site specific risk assessment for every job.


We use high pressure water jetting equipment as standard for all blocked drains. This is mounted within a small compact unit for all access requirements.


Yes. CCTV is useful as it can identify the root cause of the problem, thereby preventing future blockages and expense. It also enables us to determine which rehabilitation method is best. In some instances, we may be able to repair a sewer using No Dig technology, which saves digging up the road, pathway or driveway.


Never put anything down the toilet apart from human waste and toilet paper. Nappies, wipes, and sanitary items can all cause blockages. Cooking fats can build up and block not only your sink but the sewer system. Only dispose of the three p’s – pee, paper and poo!

Find out more on the South West Water website


We take all of our waste to registered local disposal sites across the South West.  As a registered waste carrier we take the environment very seriously, therefore the responsibility to follow all British and EU standards is paramount.


A damaged sewer is the number one cause of blockages. These in turn may lead to a sewage spill and pollution.

A badly damaged sewer or drain could provide easy access for vermin, such as rats.

Damaged pipework could leak sewage into the surrounding area without any visible signs causing pollution, even building subsidence.

All leaks should be investigated and repaired quickly, this will prevent sewage and waste water from contaminating our environment.


Yes, it is likely. Trees, shrubs and hedges should, if possible, be kept away from underground pipework. Root ingress is a major cause of blockages. Any pipe with even minor damage can be susceptible to root infiltration. Once roots have entered the pipework,  they will continue to grow causing further damage.


No. As well as clearing blocked drains and emptying septic tanks, we also provide:

  • Non hazardous and hazardous liquid waste haulage by tanker
  • CCTV surveys
  • Drain lining
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and repair of sewage drainage systems including large storm water culverts
  • Confined space entry cleaning of vessels and chambers
  • High pressure water jetting for many different applications


You can. Some simple blockages could be tackled by the keen DIY enthusiast. Most issues however, would require the right equipment and training to complete the task in a safe and hygienic manner. Many of our customers prefer that we look after this often unpleasant and smelly task for their own piece of mind.


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