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Clear Flow CCTV Drainage Surveys in Cornwall Devon and Somerset

CCTV Drainage Survey

Find the cause of your blocked drain and stop future problems.

One of the issues with drains is that you cannot see what the problem is without expensive and disruptive digging. What is the solution? At Clear-Flow we can avoid this inconvenience by conducting a CCTV drainage survey.

This involves us either pushing or driving, a specialist camera down your drain recording high quality footage that can then be used to generate a survey. All our CCTV operatives are qualified to identify issues so you will receive a full written report which can help you solve your problem. We can then suggest the best course of action to get these fixed.

Similarly if you are moving house and would like the drains surveyed pre-purchase we would be delighted to assist. Our surveys are suitable for homebuyer reports and we are well known by the local estate agents and surveyors.

Our fully trained and qualified CCTV teams are ready to cope with any surveys you need.

  • CCTV cameras to suit all circumstances
  • High quality DVD  & report produced
  • Qualified and experienced staff
  • Identify tree roots, collapsed drains & other defects

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