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Clear Flow Domestic Pipework repair in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset

Pipework repair

Clear-flow offer a variety of drainage repair and replacement techniques across South West England.

Using excavation and no-dig techniques, our highly skilled, experienced and qualified engineers can handle any of our customer’s drainage repair issues. Be it a small patch repair to stop root ingress, a complete replacement of a drainage system, or a re-form and line of deteriorating pitch fibre.

Repair Solutions

Our civils team at Clear-flow can excavate by hand or machine and undertake any repairs needed. However, It is our no-dig solutions that makes Clear-flow stand out from others in the industry. No-dig patch and lining methods are a great way of repairing pipes without the hassle and disruption of digging them up.

  • Drain Lining
    Drain lining is a technique to “sleeve” the inside of a defective pipe. The felt liner is impregnated with a polyester resin and then pulled or blown into the existing drain. Our engineers are also able to line around bends, through pipe diameter changes and to re-open lateral pipes that may be joining on at a junction along the drain.
  • Patch Repairs
    A patch repair is very similar to a liner, but is best suited for spot repairs. Following a CCTV inspection, a patch, which is usually 1.0m long, can be installed on a defective section of pipe such as a crack, open joint or a point where roots are coming into the drain to prevent further growth.
  • Excavation
    Sometimes digging is the only option available, we can undertake anything from a small pipe or gulley repair to a installing a whole new drainage system. Whatever your need we have a solution for you.

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